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Ruegen Herring fish fillets in Aspik

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A delicious source of natural protein and bursting with health-giving Omega-3 fatty acids, these Herring Fillets in Aspic are a convenient, hearty snack, best served refrigerated. Add a few drops of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar for a special lunch treat. Each 70 calorie-serving is packed with 7 grams of heart-healthy protein! Carefully produced by Rugen Fisch, a highly respected German firm steeped in tradition. Rugen Fisch uses only the most select fish, harvested in accordance with sustainable practices.

  • Ingredients: Clupea harengus (50%), aspic (48.5%) (water, gelatin, vinegar, salt, acidifier: malic acid: seasoning (iodized salt, saccharin-sodium), carrot cubes (1.5%).
  • Product may contain traces of gluten and milk.3.99

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