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Ritter Sport Mini Milk Chocolate Whole Hazelnuts 2pk Mini

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Ritter Sport Mlk Chocolate Whole Hazelnuts 2pk Mini

1.18 oz

Nutilicious mini ENERGY BOOSTS

Meet our Whole Hazelnuts mini: roasted hazelnuts in firm milkchocolate, sustainably sourced and oozing high quality. With the Ritter Sport mini 2-pack you can now have two of these little energy boosters together in convenient snack form. Get your teeth into these nutilicious morsels and — no, we won't say it because it is too easy a pun. Alright, we’ll do it anyway: get nuts about it!

Today's snacking is all about little, everyday indulgences. Offer customers the best with Ritter Sport Mini Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts. Founded in Germany in 1912, Ritter Sport is known around the world for producing premium gourmet chocolate. Ritter Sport Mini gives customers all the rich, dark chocolate and whole roasted hazelnuts they love, in two mini bars. The packaging is instantly recognizable while mini appeals to today's health trends.


Made in Germany 

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