Hengstenberg Silber Zwiebeln Pickled Onions

Hengstenberg Silber Zwiebeln Pickled Onions

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Only 10 calories per serving, these pretty little onions are packed with flavor and beautifully preserved in a delicious, Condimento Blanco white wine vinegar. Hengstenberg’s Cocktail Onions are ready to eat out of the jar. Serve them as a side dish on their own or use them to dress up salads and casseroles. Since 1876, connoisseurs throughout the world have prized Hengstenberg specialties, including delicate savory vinegar flavors, traditional sauerkraut, German mustards, and mild red cabbage.

  • Ingredients: cocktail onions, condimento bianco, vinegar (white wine vinegar, concentrated grape juice), sugar, metabisulfite (preservative)

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