Artina SKS Nuernberger Pewter Bridal Cup 7 " high, daiameter on base 2.75" - German Specialty Imports llc

Artina SKS Nuernberger Pewter Bridal Cup 7 " high, daiameter on base 2.75"

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Traditional Pewter Nuernberger Bridal Cup, a Toasting Cup for the bride and groom on their Wedding Day and for their future Wedding Anniversary to proof that they can both drink out of the Bridal Cup at the same time to confirm their love according to an old legend of a Nobleman who had a beautiful daughter  who fell in love with a silver smith, see full story.:

Here you will find a selection of our original Nuremberg bridal cups. The mugs are all made of high quality materials and handcrafted.

The legend of the Nuremberg bridal cup:

An influential nobleman once had a beautiful daughter. Kunigunde, as the beautiful child was called, loved a young goldsmith without your father's knowledge. Among all the numerous suitors who were worthy of their rank, there was none who made her forget her love for the young goldsmith.
Finally she revealed herself to her powerful father, who trembled with anger and immediately imprisoned the young man. Kunigunde then fell ill with heartache and it seemed as if her father's heart was getting harder from day to day. But one day her father suggested to her: If your goldsmith can forge a goblet that two can drink from at the same time without spilling a drop, you should have him for a husband.
Secretly he was convinced that the young man was not up to the task and that Kunigunde would then leave him. But he did not count on the ambition and ingenuity of a man who, inspired by love, formed a beautiful skirt as a cup in just a few days, as no one had seen before.
On the cup he modeled the torso of his beautiful lover, who was holding a smaller, movable cup with raised hands. So it was easy for two people to drink from one cup at the same time without spilling a drop. The nobleman had to redeem his word and give his blessing for the wedding of Kunigunde and the young goldsmith. They lived happily ever after.

Since then, the bridal cup has been a symbol of love, loyalty, harmony and hope for the great happiness when a couple drinks from this cup together at their wedding.
Immediately after the wedding, the bride and groom drink together to a happy and harmonious marriage.
Hold the large cup with the opening upwards so that the small cup with its opening can also swing freely upwards. Now both cups can be filled. The groom drinks from the large cup (he should empty the cup in one gulp) and the bride opposite him drinks from the small one.

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