Flattering Heart/ Herzgluehen Rauchermann / Smoker (incense smoker)

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Flattering Heart  Rauchermann / Smoker by Stephan Kaden 

(Incense smoker)

The perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

When hearts glow, love is always involved. Perhaps a very delicate, fluttery one. Or a hot blazing love. But maybe also a cheeky, teasing, mischievous one?
With the series 'Herzglühen' we put the crown on love. Because her heart creations each wear an incense crown by Huss, which was cleverly staged as a design element. With the help of this ingenious patent, love can now smoke vigorously or glow gently - depending on whether the Neudorfer 'Karzl' unfolds its fragrance hanging or standing in the crown. Heart glow is guaranteed with these loving details.

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