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Heitmann Egg Colors, IRIS Egg Colors, Coloring Tablets, Bright Colors, Easter Eggs, Paint Easter Eggs

Egg colors for the Easter season are sold by the company under the brand HEITMANN Eierfarben. As number one in Germany, the brand shapes the market. The extensive assortment ranges from classic hot colors to creative dyeing and craft sets for children.

Carefree dyeing with food dyes

Food dyes provide the cheerful and bright colors in our products. Egg dyes are subject to the same strict legal requirements as food. Only ingredients that are authorized in foodstuffs may be included. Egg colors are therefore also under the constant control of food monitoring, just like food. So, if some color penetrates through the egg shell into the interior during dyeing, it doesn't matter at all. You can safely eat the colored protein.

These egg colors are used by the Easter Bunny

As early as the 19th century, Brauns-Heitmann launched egg paints on the market. Soon these were as popular as the Easter Bunny itself. First there was the egg color as a powder, from which then developed the practical staining tablets and staining leaves. Today you will find in our assortment everything you need for dyeing, designing and decorating Easter eggs: from the classic egg color to crayons to cute stickers. Brauns-Heitmann is probably the most traditional supplier of egg dyes and market leader in Germany. By the way, our egg paints are produced directly at the company headquarters in Warburg, Westphalia.

The Easter Bunny comes to Warburg

A story of searching and finding

Do you know where the Easter Bunny has his home? Am Desenberg in Warburg. And this is how it happened: The little rabbit Maxi came from a large Easter bunny family. Like his parents, he desperately wanted to become an Easter bunny. Together with his big siblings, he therefore diligently attended the Easter Bunny School. In Easter egg painting he was best in class and in the subject of Easter egg hiding places he always came up with the greatest hiding places. Nevertheless, one afternoon he sat sadly at home and left his long rabbit ears hanging. "Maxi, what about you?" his father asked him. "I don't dare to hop through the forest and across the meadows all by myself," Maxi sobbed. "What if I get lost or the fox steals my eggs? Then I can't put anything in the nest of the children and everyone is terribly disappointed in me!" Maxi's nose trembled and his ears sank even deeper over his little shoulders: "I will never make the big Easter bunny test like that." But Maxi's father was an old hand in the Easter business and knew advice. "Don't worry, Maxi," he cheered up his son. "I have an idea. Go to Warburg! The people there love Easter and you can always ask for help. So you prepare perfectly for your Easter Bunny exam."

Maxi had already heard of Warburg with the large egg paint factory. The adult Easter bunnies met there every year and always came back with the most beautiful colors. He immediately felt much braver, straightened his ears and shouted, "That's a great idea, Dad. I'll grab my Kiepe quickly!" Maxi very carefully placed all the painted eggs in the basket. Then he quickly waved to his parents, strapped the basket to his back and hopped off.

Arriving in Warburg, he immediately looked for some nice hiding places for the colorful eggs. Suddenly, he heard children's voices nearby. Oh no – for the children the nests should be a surprise! Under no circumstances were they allowed to discover Maxi! Hectic, he looked around for a loophole. Like all rabbits, Maxi could hear very well with his long spoons – that's what the rabbit ears are called. However, he was somewhat short-sighted. And so he stumbled upon a stone in a hurry. Maxi fell. All the colorful Easter eggs tumbled out of his basket and broke. Now Maxi was sitting on the street, surrounded by broken eggshells and thick tears rolled over his little rabbit face.



read more about this beautiful story and even send a letter to the Easter bunny 

Maxi, the Easter Bunny (


Brand: Heitmann Eierfarben


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