Earrings Rhinestone-Edelweiss Trilogy (antique-silver-colored)

Earrings Rhinestone-Edelweiss Trilogy (antique-silver-colored)

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For those who like a little more. These earrings consist of 3 rhinestones, which are arranged like a waterfall over chains. The earrings are in the form of traditional hearts and can be securely closed.

Features: - Length of traditional earrings with traditional heart plug: approx. 9 cm, pendant edelweiss with rhinestones:
approx. 1.5 x 1.5 cm
- Beautiful dirndl jewelry, elegant earrings made by hand, comfortable to wear
- dirndl earrings perfect for traditional costume outfit (dirndl, lederhosen, traditional blouse, Oktoberfest)

Material: 70% metal alloy, 16% iron, 14% glass

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