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Rhinestone Edelweiss Eyewear Necklace & Pearls (silver-colored)

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Elegant eyeglass necklace made of small beads. A small rhinestone edelweiss provides the sparkle on each side. The ideal complement for your sunglasses or as a mask necklace.

Features: - Length of traditional glasses necklace:
approx. 75 cm, necklace made of pearls with silver-colored rhinestone-edelweiss
- Beautiful dirndl jewelry, pearl necklace made by hand, comfortable
to wear - Sunglasses necklace perfect for traditional costume outfit (dirndl, lederhosen, traditional blouse, Oktoberfest)

Material: 60% glass, 20% iron, 10% metal alloy, 10% plastic

  • Item number:DHK28700096

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