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Tosca Muelhens Eau De Cologne

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Classic German Fragrance

Tosca Eau De Cologne Splash is a true German classic. Still one of the most popular fragrances in Germany today, this fragrance was first made in 1921 and has a dedicated following.

Tosca Eau De Cologne Splash possesses top notes of fern, honeysuckle and magnolia, middle notes of pink peony, peppercorns and heliotrope and finishes with base notes of amber, vanilla and magic lantern orchid.

  • Muelhen's Tosca is a wonderfully fresh scent with citrus and florals floating over a vanilla amber base. At first it reminds me a great deal of of Coty's Emeraude, which premiered the same year (1921) as Tosca.

    As it dries down, the sweetness of the neroli fades to the back, while the mix of amber, vanilla, labdanum and a touch of patchouli come forward to create a warm and sunny glow. The florals (rose, jasmine, muguet, narcissus) remain throughout a lovely bouquet, all well balanced.

    The master company of the big citrus event, 4711, are behind the perfect blend of citrus oils with neroli that open the fragrance experience with top notes so clean, fresh and summery.

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