Charivari for Lederhosen

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is a piece of traditional Bavaria made of a of chain, adorned with trinkets, coins (or possibly medals), horn discs, carved  teeth, antlers animal paws, badger hair, or other game teeth.

Bavarian men wear the charivari on the belt of their Lederhosen. The charivari traditionally served as jewelry or as a talisman for a successful hunt. For farmers it served as a valuable status symbol. The charivari probably originated from a watch chain which was attached to the buttonhole of the costume shirt and hung from time to time with various hunting trophies. It could not be bought, was carefully preserved and was passed down in a single family through the generations.

Some ancient charivaris can have a value of up to 10,000 euros (about £8,770). They are spread throughout the Eastern Alps and have become fashionable throughout Bavaria once more, being revived by the increasing popularity of local traditional costume clubs. The man's charivari is usually about 33 centimetres (13 in) in length.The chain for women is usually much finer, usually made of so-called rose-plated "Erbsketten" and can also be adorned with small solid silver talismen with small pieces of antler or coins.

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