Brandt Zwieback Rust Toast

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Brandt Zwieback Rust Toast

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  • Brand: Brandt
  • Product Code: 941112

Brandt Zwieback Rust Toast 10 x 8 oz

For years Brandt has been a household name associated with bringing quality products to your home. Our Zwieback is no different, as we've crafted this European treat using our time-tested recipes to create a snack your family will love. Our Zwieback is delightfully crispy and sweet, as we use only the best ingredients during our baking process. Brandt also happens to be the #1 manufacturer worldwide of this tasty snack, so you could say we know a thing or two about making a great Zwieback. We only use selected ingredients to craft our Zwieback and our special processing techniques create a light and wholesome taste you won't be able to get enough of. Contains 8 oz. package. See nutrition facts label for allergen information. Since 1989 Brandt's kitchens have been producing quality products because we believe that product excellence and customer satisfaction is our key to success.

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