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Breitsamer Golden Selection Raw Honey 2.36 oz

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2.36 oz 

Put This Honey On Your “Do” List

I’m going to tell you about a honey that you *DO* need to put on your grocery list the next time you are out and about shopping!

All the way from Germany and 100% natural, Breitsamer Honey offers a range of products that are carefully chosen and have nothing but the highest and most exquisite quality standards. The Breitsamer Honey business has been sharing their love and passion of honey for over three generations.


I enjoy honey in a nice cup of tea, I use it to make my own home made Granola and sometimes I may use it in place of sugar in a recipe if I can. We even keep hemming and hawing in our house about getting our own bee hive to have on our property. A neighbor a few houses down from us has a bee hive and he says it’s not terribly difficult to maintain and get your own honey! But in the meantime, when we can find the time to do more research and actually go forth with our own bee hive, we will enjoy the many different varieties of honey that Breitsamer Honey has to offer! Breitsamer Honey also comes in a variety of different sizes, such as the one that is pictured in this post – it’s just a little guy – only 2.36 ounces, so it’s a perfect little size to have along when traveling!

A wonderful, tasty golden honey made from meadow flowers. Raw honey contains nutritious vitamins and minerals, along with small particles of beneficial pollen and wax. From the raps flower (canola), which thrives all over Germany. Made by Breitsamer, based in Munich Bavaria, one of Germany's most prestigious honey producers.


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