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11501 Advents Calendar "  Fairy Tale House  2 part

11501 Advents Calendar " Fairy Tale House 2 part

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Advent calendar “Fairytale House”

Brandes, Kurt

Item no.: 11501
 ISBN: 9783782799942 
Format: 17 x 13 cm 
Contour-cut, for standing up

Well-known fairy-tale characters gather on this Advent calendar house. The Bremen Town Musicians, Hansel and Gretel including the witch, Mrs. Holle, Snow White and the seven dwarves - they all cavort around the glittering house covered in silver mica. And there are numerous other fairy tale characters to discover on the transparent Advent calendar windows behind the doors. The fairytale house was designed by Kurt Brandes in the 1950s. A nostalgic Advent calendar that brings back childhood memories!

Three-dimensional folding Advent calendar for crafting, gluing together and setting up, sprinkled with elegant silver glitter. It is delivered in two parts and folded flat. A little tip: If you place the calendar in front of a burning candle, it will shine a little brighter with each newly opened door and spread a cozy Christmas atmosphere.


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