4460 Leather Hiking boot / boots for Lederhosen

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  4460 Leather Hiking boot

The traditional costume shoe is made of sturdy nappa  goat leather and, thanks to the side lacing, adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot and offers maximum comfort. The high-quality workmanship and the best material guarantee a long service life. The lining and insole are made of calf leather and guarantee that the shoe is still comfortable to wear after hours. We also manufacture our high-quality lederhosen from the same leather.

An elegant pair of traditional shoes that make traditional fashion a joy to wear. The Haferlschuhe 1224 impress with their fine sheen and interesting color contrasts. The characteristic side lacing of this model from Stockerpoint ensures an attractive look and makes it easier to put on and take off. Since the shoes are made of soft nappa leather, they are very comfortable to wear. A light-colored inner lining provides additional comfort. The black shoe is welted with yellow thread, which makes an interesting color combination. Robust profile soles make the shoe a fashionable favorite for men who, despite their love of traditional costumes, do not lose sight of function.

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