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24378 Carstens Chocolate Covered Marzipan Box 7.05 oz

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7.05 oz 

Carstens Chocolate Covered Marzipan Box

Dark chocolate orange Lubecker marzipan bar by Carstens is filled with a delicate marzipan layer carrying sweet hints of orange liqueur!

After the 18th century, chocolate became an integral part of German culinary life! With centuries-old tradition under its belt, the country is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality chocolates, alongside its competitive neighbors! However, Germany is known and loved especially for its extensive unique festive treats: Easter chocolate bunnies and chocolate Santas were created in Germany. The brand has combined the finest quality cocoa with Lubeck line marzipan, famous for its high almond content. You can discover all of those German chocolate inventions and many more delights in our collection 

Founded in 1845, Carstens was established in  1841 worldwide for its marzipan production. With the experience of over 100 years under its belt, the renowned company has broadened its assortments- now carrying everything from luscious chocolate bars to fruit marzipan snacks, you can discover all the tempting delights by Carstens; in our online!

The dark chocolate cherry  Lubecker marzipan  by Carstens will pair beautifully with beloved apple pie, nectarine cake, or other fruity delights to your taste. You can serve this delicious chocolate with hot chocolate, robust COFFEE or black tea for more intense flavor pairings!

  • Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, ground almonds (25%), orange liqueur (4%), cocoa butter, water, natural orange aroma, emulsifier: lecithins; acidifier: citric acid; humectant: invertase. May contain hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, what, barley, soya, milk and egg. Product contains alcohol.
  • Product Weight: 7.4OZ
  • Product of Germany

from the famous Marzipan Manufacturer since 1841

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