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297519 Lambertz Lebkuchenkofekt 3 Asst Nut Apple Lemon 6.18 oz

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Gingerbread is one of the most popular classics of the fall season and is always eagerly awaited. With the gingerbread confectionery, Henry Lambertz gives the traditional treat a new touch. The light, spicy gingerbread dough is baked in handy bites and covered with a fine, bitter dark chocolate. The confectionery is available in three flavor compositions: hazelnut, lemon-ginger and baked apple. The harmoniously coordinated nuances in combination with the spicy gingerbread dough make Henry Lambertz gingerbread confectionery a very special taste experience. Whether for a cozy coffee session, for a personal break or as a souvenir, the Henry Lambertz gingerbread confectionery sweetens the moment in a special way.

The three varieties are offered in a high-quality, cube-shaped folding box with hand-drawn illustrations of the ingredients and a content of 175g.
Gingerbread with a difference! Henry Lambertz Lebkuchen confectionery lemon & ginger is a delicious flavor idea for Christmas time. The delicious mini gingerbreads taste intensely of lemon and therefore have a refreshing note. With their juicy bite and winter spices, these fine Christmas cookies are a real treat during Advent.The product design may vary from the image.





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