Available for preorder only  4120 Ostheimer  Joseph walking - German Specialty Imports llc

Available for preorder only 4120 Ostheimer Joseph walking

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 Available for preorder only

Made by hand in Germany.

This ensures that the toys are each unique and well-made to last for generations. This company is Waldorf-inspired and committed to producing toys that give children a pleasant view of animals and human beings in the world. Free imaginative play readies children for challenging aspects of their life as they experience the beauty of childhood and develop. The texture of the natural wood is preserved through paints and organic oils that are environmentally-friendly and stand up to strict safety standards. 

Ostheimer-Figures are hand-crafted in Germany, our lumber comes from sustainable domestic forestry. Each product is a unique item individually shaped with love and care. Thus, our toys allow children to immerse themselves into the vivid imaginative world of play.
All materials used in our toys are certified. They guarantee not only toys of the highest quality but also safety for your child at play.
Hight: 16 cm

children 3+

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