Lotte Sievers Hahn Hand Carved Animal Hedgehog Small 1.5 cm

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Hand-carved from limewood and painted with oil colours.
* Not suitable for small children. Parts can be swallowed!

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- small, 1,5 cm *
- with apple, 3 cm *


The unique style of these figures goes back to Lotte Sievers (1908–1987). Encouraged by a teacher, Sievers took up an education as a wood sculptor and developed a style all her own: with a few cuts, the figure becomes visible and immediately shows character. In the wood workshop Sievers-Hahn in Lower Saxony, the figures are made from limewood in accordance with the designs of company founder Lotte Sievers. The figures get their colourful appearance by hand-painting with oil-based paint so that the natural grain of the wood shines through.

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