Feuerzange Fire Tongue Holder of the Sugar Cone for the Feuerzangenbowle

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FEUERZANGE for the sugar cone 

Feuerzangenbowlen - in good company!

length : 10.25"

If you want to stage a perfect "hot evening" in the cold season, you are at the right place with our Feuerzange Samba and Rumba. It does not matter whether you are having quiet conversations in a cozy atmosphere in the glow of the burning sugar loaf - or turn the evening into a dance party that lives up to the name of our bowls, samba and rumba. Either way: Samba and Rumba will help you to prepare the bewitchingly tasty drink in style and make the evening with friends a success! You are in good company!


length 10.25"

width 3.5"

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