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183385 German Reber Mozart Herzl / hearts 8pc 2.8 oz

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Product Description

 Mozart chocolate marzipan hearts by Reber, these heart-shaped delicacies can be enjoyed on their own or used as a memorable gift. A sweet and nutty pistachio marzipan center is surrounded by layers of rich, decadent, and bitter-sweet dark chocolate. Give Reber’s chocolate marzipan hearts a try and feel the decadence of authentic German confectionery.

Reber was opened in Munich in 1865 as a confectionery and patisserie café, which soon became a much-loved meeting place because of the luscious homemade treats Reber offered their guests. Truth be told, nothing changed. Even to this day, Reber continues taking their customers to the breathtaking and mesmerizing world of exquisite confectionery by offering authentic artisanal confectionery high-quality products, ranging from chocolate delights with different fillings to bars and gift boxes. Reber’s high-end production comes in various packs and sizes, allowing you to treat yourselves with the finest indulgence galore.

 2.8 oz (80 g)

Product of Germany


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