Hoch Monster Money

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Wafer paper Candy 


Sweetened with Aspartame.

Made in Germany.

Product Description

Monster Money Paper Edible Money is the best treat to give to anyone! Creatively decorated to look like cash, this paper candy is actually edible! It's the money you can eat! You can decorate ckaes with it, simply eat it plain, or use it as decoration. Germans may be familiar with the water backing called Oblaten, as this candy has a similar consistency and feeling to that one. For over two centuries, the manufacture of wafers has been in the safe hands of family firm HOCH - now in its seventh generation.

Sebastian Hoch was recorded in the official register as a distinguished baker of communion wafers back in 1769. At that time, the wafers were baked in specially produced molds over wood fires. Hoch now creates a line of delicious and creative wafer candies of all sorts!wafer paper candy.

  • Ingredients: wheat flour, potato starch, beetroot juice, curcumin, artificial flavors, acesulfame potassium, aspartame, blue 2 Phenylhenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine
  • Facts: Product of Germany; 

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