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A1S Original Herrenhuter Advents-and Christmas Stern /Star Chain in & outdoor use

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Original Herrenhuter Advents-and Christmas Stern/Star Chain 10 Red stars

120 V

color red

size 5 " diameter 

Made in Germany / Herrenhut 


The Herrnhut poinsettia has a long tradition. The origin lies in the Moravian Brethren. The first star with many points was formed there more than 160 years ago. The geometric shape has since continued in many thousands of stars. As a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem, the Herrnhut Star, which is illuminated on the inside, is a popular object during Advent and Christmas. The Herrnhut fairy lights, in which several small stars are strung on a cable, are particularly attractive. On the window or above the front door, the Herrnhut star fairy lights spread the happy Christmas message and show people's anticipation of Christmas. The first copies were designed in red and white. Red stood for the blood of Christ, white for purity. Today the magical stars from the Erzgebirge are available in many colors. If you want to buy a Herrnhut star, you can adapt the color to your personal Christmas decorations.

Stars as decoration: radiantly beautiful fairy lights

Modern Herrnhut stars are made of paper or plastic. The plastic version is ideal for outdoor use. The material is weather-resistant and the color is permanently retained. With modern lighting technology, the star chain can withstand low temperatures and is insensitive to moisture. So you can decorate to your heart's content! This is what the Herrnhut star chain offers you: The Herrnhuter light chain consists of a 15 meter long cable with ten fully assembled stars including LED bulbs. The A1s size stars have a diameter of 13 centimeters. The cable and plug are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

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