Dr 8471-47203 Dr. Oetker  Kaesekuchen Cheese Cake Mix 20.1 oz 570 g - German Specialty Imports llc

Dr 8471-47203 Dr. Oetker Kaesekuchen Cheese Cake Mix 20.1 oz 570 g

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Dr. Oetker baking mix for traditional Kaesekuchen , Cheese Cake ,  19.2 oz.

Product Description

Who loves cake? We sure do! This box serves 12.

To make a delicious Cheesecake, simply grease a spring form pan and pre-heat oven to 350F.  1) In a mixing bowl, add in crust mix, 3.5 oz butter and 1 egg. 2) Use hand mixer on lowest setting and mix well. 3) Place 2/3 of mixture into the bottom of the spring form pan, using a tablespoon to press into an even flat crust. 4) Knead the remaining mixture and shape into a roll and press evenly against the pan forming a 2-centimeter-high rim. 5) Pour in the topping mix into a bowl and combine with 5.3 oz melted butter, 3 eggs, 1 cup yogurt and 2 cups of cream cheese. 6) Mix with a hand mixer on lowest setting until smooth. Pour mixture into mold, making sure it is spread evenly. 7) Place the spring form pan onto the lower rack and bake for 55 minutes. Allow cake to cool on wire rack. Loosen cake from mold with a knife, cool and serve!

  • Facts: 20.1 oz. 570g. Product of Germany.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour, wheat starch, baking powder (baking agent disodium diphosphate and sodium bicarbonate), coloring (carotene, riboflavin), vanillin flavoring.

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