525064 Kuechenmeister 26.4 oz Rumstollen  Box  Large - German Specialty Imports llc

525064 Kuechenmeister 26.4 oz Rumstollen Box Large

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Kuchenmeister 26.4 oz Rumstollen Box Large

Here's presenting you a different version of the Christmas stollen; the Kuchenmeister Finest Rum Stollen. Drenched in the richness of the seasonal flavor, the aromatic shot of rum brings in the refined twist. Decorated with raisins and candied fruits, you will relish every slice. Adding on the richness of taste and aroma, the stollens are a priceless addition to your dessert platter. Introducing a relishing twist to your after-meal sweet treats or party platters, they are the best way to welcome your guests. Kuchenmeister was founded by Julius Trockels in 1884. They are known worldwide for their knack of sweet indulgence. Displaying their love for making, every creation is praiseworthy!

  • Product Weight: 26.4 lb (750 g)
  • Country of Origin: Germany


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