Lambertz Dominos 1 Meter 40.5 oz

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Lambertz Dominos 40.5   oz 

A Christmas classic, these Lambertz Dominos are made according to the original Aachener house recipe. The pralines start with a delicious gingerbread cookie base, topped with jelly and marzipan, then wrapped in the finest variations of chocolate. Imported from Germany.

Fruity and chocolaty, we are talking about the Lambertz Dominos in Cello a fantastic selection of domino cubes filled with fruit jellies and covered with chocolate will melt you in the world of magic. Drizzling and drenching in smooth and creamy chocolate; they will leave you craving for more. They are a perfect treat for all special occasions; these lovely domino treats make beautiful gifts for your loved ones too

. When the old craftsmanship meets the fresh taste, it is the Lambertz. Going back to 1688, The Henry Lambertz Cookie Company had initially started as a small bakery in Aachen, Germany. Introducing fresh tastes to the market, and in the process, they are among the top 5 cookie makers globally.

  • Product Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Country of Origin: Germany



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