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297310 Lambertz Aachener Krauter Printen

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Product Description

Spiced gingerbread cookies by Lambertz are traditional German treats baked and seasoned to perfection to deliver crispy texture and delicious aroma. These delights are made without any additional fat.erbread cookies are traditional German treats from Aacst manufacturer of traditional cookies. Specializing in creating the most tempting pastry goods and chocolate delights ever since 1688 - so, with 300 years of experience under its belt, the brandtional gingerbread, you can find every delight from Lambertz 

The spiced German gingerbread cookies by Lambertz are a delicious treat for desserts! Aachener Printen can be enjoyed as quick pick-me-up treats or paired with your morning cuppa or coffee for an aromatic start to your day!

  • Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, glucose fructose syrup, confectioner's sugar, sugar candy, spices, almonds, leavening (sodium bicarbonate). Contains: wheat, almonds.


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