134778 Larsen Swedish /German Lumpfish Seehasen Caviar  Jar - German Specialty Imports llc

134778 Larsen Swedish /German Lumpfish Seehasen Caviar Jar

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Larsen Swedish/German Lumpfish Caviar

  • Brand: Larsen
  • Product Code: 134778
  • Black Deutscher Caviar (Larsen), 50g 3.5 oz

    Larsen's caviar is mild and slightly salted. Caviar should never be served on steel or stainless steel plates or forks, as this can change the taste and make it bitter or metallic. Eat and serve caviar with utensils made of ceramic, glass or plastic to preserve the taste. Serve caviar on unsalted crackers, bread, or on small traditional Russian pancakes called blini. Eating caviar with these accompaniments will enhance the flavor. Caviar is sold in small containers and is meant to be consumed in one serving. Saving any leftovers will cause it to spoil. 

    Ingredients: caplin roe (80%), water, salt, thickening agent: E413, preservative: E211, stabilizers: E415, E422, color: E141, E150d, E163, E151.

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