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Retro Ruegen Fisch Herring Fish in Mustard Sauce Tin

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7.05 oz 

Product of Germany 

Retro RugenFisch Herring In  Mustard  Sauce Tin 

Provides Omega-3 fatty Acids 


RugenFisch Herring in Mustard Sauce 16 x 7.05 oz

Shelf Stable Fillets

Highest quality Herring, Mackerels, Salmon, and Sprats - these canned fish are a delicious source of protein including amino acids, Omega- 3 fatty acids, and numerous vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy body

Since 1949, Rugen Fisch has been known for producing great quality seafood products. These tender and flavorful Herring Fillets are packed in a delightful Tomato Sauce. Enjoy these as a snack, appetizer or meal!

  • Facts: 7 oz. Product of Germany.
  • Ingredients: Herring fillets-Clupea harengus (60%), Water, Tomato paste, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Thickening agent: guar gum, Mango-chutney (sugar, mango, spirit vinegar, salt, spices), Modified corn starch, Distilled vinegar, Spices, Natural flavoring. 


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