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Dr Oetker Chocolate Pudding

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Dr Oetker Chocolate Pudding

Intense chocolate taste and a delicate bitter note - this is what distinguishes Dr. Oetker Original Pudding fine-tart chocolate. It is boiled with 500 ml milk and 40 g sugar. A pleasure for lovers of dark chocolate! Dr. Oetker Original Puddinge are the classics among the Dr. Oetker Puddingen and have stood for experience, quality and enjoyment since 1894. Enjoy the feeling of security, love and the best pudding taste with Dr. Oetker Original Pudding Chocolate.

Dr Oetker Chocolate Pudding 1.75 Oz Ea (3pk)

Dr Oetker Chocolate Pudding 1.75 oz ea (3pk) 10 x 5.25 oz UPC: 058336120831 ...


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