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201802 Dr. Quendt Original Dresden Christmas Stollen

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Dr. Quendt Original Dresden Christ Stollen

The crowning achievement of every Christmas coffee table: The original Dresdner Christstollen is the epitome of the Saxon bakery tradition. Made according to traditional recipe, made from exquisite ingredients, it is also a revelation for the most pampered palate.

Store cool and dry.

Net.Wt. 500g (17.6oz)
Shipping Wt. 600g

As part of German cultural history, the Dresdner Christstollen is specially
protected. Only bakers and confectioners from the Dresden area bake the
original according to the traditional recipe. Every year, the Dresdner Christstollen
Association thoroughly tests the freshly baked stollen and awards them the golden
seal of quality.
Order the original Dresdner
Christstollen now!



In Germany, the original Dresdner Christstollen
is an indispensable part of Christmas. The baked
good from the picturesque art and culture city
of Dresden in Saxony has been known since the
15th century. Over the years, the local master
bakers developed the simple fasting food into a
festive Christmas pastry that was a great treat for
ordinary people and the royals as well. Saxony‘s
most famous elector, Augustus the Strong, loved
the Dresdner Christstollen so much that he had
a giant stollen weighing around 1.8 tons baked
by around 100 Dresden bakers at the Zeithain
Encampment military exercises in June 1730

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