Dr. Soldan Em-eukal Eucalyptus Caugh hard Candy Drops

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Deliciously Effective 

Only authentic with  tag

Original of Germany 

Em-eukal has a strong individual identity. It is characterised by diversity of flavour and exclusive recipes.

So each Em-eukal is unique. And "nur echt mit der Fahne"! - only the original and genuine product comes with the flag! The hallmark flag on our Em-eukal drops stands for high quality and confident trust in the tradition of the original product. It is no accident that these products have such a special wrapping. Em-eukal cough drops were prescribed to miners in the Ruhr district in the 1950s for medical purposes. The white and red flag helped to preserve hygiene during the unwrapping process.

Our premium cough drops come in many varieties and make the ideal companion, any time and any place. There are five flavours in the range, all boasting the unique effect because all the cough drops have the added appeal of built in health and special taste ...

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