Feuerzangenbowle Samba Fire Tongue Bowle Set

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Feuerzangenbowlen - in good company!

If you want to stage a perfect "hot evening" in the cold season, you are at the right place with our Feuerzangenbowlen Samba and Rumba. It does not matter whether you are having quiet conversations in a cozy atmosphere in the glow of the burning sugar loaf - or turn the evening into a dance party that lives up to the name of our bowls, samba and rumba. Either way: Samba and Rumba will help you to prepare the bewitchingly tasty drink in style and make the evening with friends a success! You are in good company!

Product details

The Feuerzangenbowle Samba ensures a good swing. Due to the large installation area, the rechaud is particularly stable and everything stays in its place, even when things get tough.


This article comes with a 10-year guarantee, which can be activated after purchase without any problems (at no additional cost). For details, please refer to the warranty card enclosed with the article.

Further information:


  • energy-saving protherm® all-stove copper base
  • high quality stainless steel 18/10
  • high quality handles
  • Fire tongs made of stainless steel 18/10
  • Safety paste burner made of stainless steel 18/10
  • Fondue pot suitable for preheating on the stove
  • suitable for all common types of stoves, including induction and glass ceramic hobs
  • Sku: SU-6982-20
  • Ean: 4007257555341
  • Contents: 4.00 l
  • Diameter: 20 cm

Dishwasher safe

This product can be cleaned regularly in the dishwasher without any problems.


In addition to all common types of stoves, this product is also suitable for induction hobs.

The protherm ® all-stove copper base

In addition to a good coating, the bottom of a cookware is crucial for the perfect preparation of a meal. That is why we are the only European supplier to equip a large number of our dishes with a protherm® copper base that is suitable for induction. Because only this floor has the best thermal conductivity and regulation properties! Even if copper is expensive and very complex to process - as a particularly good and fast heat conductor, copper helps save energy and cook in a vitamin-friendly way. A copper base heats up quickly, distributes the heat optimally, reacts to any change in temperature and enables perfect cooking results with the lowest possible energy input. With the protherm® all-stove copper base you can cook healthy and energy-saving.