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HAENDLMAIER Bavarian Sweet Home Made Mustard

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Haendlmaier Sweet Bavarian Mustard is a sweet brown mustard from Germany that is widely loved by many! For over 100 years, Handlmaier has been known for their Bavarian Sweet Mustard. Using the highest quality and freshest ingredients this Bavarian Sweet Mustard is crafted to perfection. This is Bavaria’s most popular Mustard and is ideal fo Weisswurst, liver cheese, liver cheese burger, Nuremberg grilled sausages, cold roast pork, meatloaf, dressings. How will you enjoy Handlmaier Bavarian Sweet Mustard?

  • Facts: 13.4 oz
  • . Product of Germany.
  • Ingredients: Water, sugar, mustard seeds, vinegar, spices.


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