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Holsteiner Wurst /  Soft Salami

Holsteiner Wurst / Soft Salami

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Holsteiner (soft salami) 

Our Holsteiner soft salami is smoked with natural maple hardwood. It’s seasoned flavor and hint of garlic makes it an excellent addition to a cheese or appetizer tray, or to pack along as a snack on a trip.

Shipped: Fresh
Approx. Weight: 1 lb.

Serving Information

Holsteiner comes fully cooked and ready to eat as is. It is a perfect cold cut to spice up a sandwich, or you can cut it into cubes and serve with an assortment of cheeses and salamis for an appealing appetizer tray. Can be air dried like salami.

Storage Information

Will keep without freezing; it will only air dry in refrigerator, and will remain fresh up to 3 weeks. Sausages need air circulation, and keep best when wrapped in paper towel once opened. Otherwise, leave unopened in vacuum-sealed packaging. Should vacuum packaging become loose—indicating an air leak—remove immediately and wrap in paper towel

Can also be frozen for up to 2 months without affecting flavor or quality. Defrost slowly in refrigerator; do not thaw at room temperature


Beef, Pork, Salt, Spices, Sugar, Garlic, Sodium Erythorbate, Dextrose, Sodium Nitrite




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