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297505 Lambertz Dominos 4.4 oz

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Lambertz Dominos 4.4 oz 

Fruity and chocolaty, we are talking about the Lambertz Dominos in Cello. Giving a fantastic selection of domino cubes filled with fruit jellies and covered with chocolate will melt you in the world of magic. Drizzling and drenching in smooth and creamy chocolate; they will leave you craving for more. They are a perfect treat for all special occasions; these lovely domino treats make beautiful gifts for your loved ones too

. When the old craftsmanship meets the fresh taste, it is the Lambertz. Going back to 1688, The Henry Lambertz Cookie Company had initially started as a small bakery in Aachen, Germany. Introducing fresh tastes to the market, and in the process, they are among the top 5 cookie makers globally.

  • Product Weight: 4.4 oz (125 g)
  • Country of Origin: Germany



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