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Maintal Quince Jelly Extra Fruit Spread

Maintal Quince Jelly Extra Fruit Spread

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Maintal Quince Jelly Extra. Quince (in german: quitte) provides a tart unique flavor. A family business since 1886, Maintal knows how to turn rare berries and super-fruits into tasty, nutritious and convenient sweet spreads.

No GMO, gluten free, vegan, lactose free, and free of soy and yeast. A perfect addition to breakfast rolls, snacks, meat, fish, desserts and cakes.

Ingredients: Quince Juice, Sugar, Glykosesyrup, Gelling Agent Pectin, Citric Acid. 45% Fruit Content.

Net Weight: 330g. / 11.6oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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