Original Friesen Nerz Rain Jacket

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Sturdy rain jacket typical of East Fresia/Ostfriesland. Reversible so that the navy side can be used when it's not raining.

The Friesennerz (also: Ostfriesennerz ) is the metaphorical-ironic name for rain protection clothing that was popular between around 1970 and 1985. It is originally a permanently waterproof textile for professional fishermen and sailing ( oilskin ). In addition to functionality, it is characterized by great visibility (bright yellow, orange). Polyester is used as the carrier material , the water resistance results from a PVC coating in different thicknesses depending on the degree of use.

Characteristic are the large hood , voluminous pockets with flaps and a front strip with press studs. The seams are either welded or, if they are sewn, glued from the inside.

Coming from the coast, this protective clothing intended for maritime purposes experienced a boom on the mainland. The popularity of the Frisian mink was described as the “realization of communism in the fashionable field”, as there was hardly anyone who would not have worn this jacket .

To calculate the women size just subtract 6 from the below  standard men size 

Size chart: see in picture below

size 58 and size 60 are sold for a discount of $ 20, since they have a black imprint of the packing material.

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