107022 Ritter Hand Operated Food Slicer - Bread Slicer Piatto 5 , Brotmaschine bread Machine Made in Germany

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Manual food slicer piatto 5 - proven technology with modern equipment

The manual food slicer piatto 5 has a high material suitability , consists largely of robust metal and, thanks to its timeless design, fits practically in any home.

It is operated with a smooth-running hand crank with a particularly high-quality beech wood handle and therefore does not require any electricity at all. It can therefore be used anywhere and at any time. For a better output of large, hard material to be cut during the cutting process, the piatto 5a material guide bracket. The advantage of this is that the cut material just cut does not interfere with or block the further "cranking process". The material to be cut is guided past the crank and then lands on the bamboo board provided. This fits perfectly into the rails provided directly under the slicer, can be pulled out and used as a rustic serving plate or as a cutting board.

piatto 5 has four suction feet that ensure a particularly safe, non-slip stand. You only have to press the device a little onto the surface of the desired workplace and the silicone feet are already sucked tight.

The cutting thickness can be infinitely adjusted up to approx. 20 mm and the material to be sliced ​​made of rustproof stainless steel can be easily removed.



Press Communiqué The creatiFe power of design: Hand-operated food slicer piatto 5 gets awarded the iF Design Award 2021 Gröbenzell/Munich, April 2021. The traditional small kitchen appliance manufacturer ritterwerk GmbH, based in Gröbenzell near Munich, has done it again: one of its appliances from its selected design product range has been awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD. This time, the hand-crank operated piatto 5 food slicer took the laurels and successfully prevailed against around 10,000 competitors from all over the world. As a reminder: The iF DESIGN AWARD is presented once a year by the world's oldest independent design institution, the iF International Forum Design GmbH based in Hanover. The aim for all competitors is to convince the 98-member jury of experts in the categories of idea, form, function, differentiation and relevance and to collect points. Only those products that achieve remarkable results in the above-mentioned areas are considered for the coveted award. "Only the most innovative and best are admitted to the international ranks of iF award winners - for this reason alone, we are very proud of this year's result from the iF jury of experts," says Michael Schüller, Managing Director of ritterwerk. "Since the ritter-Schneidboy was awarded the iF in 1955, the award has been considered a particularly desirable honour for us; we still see it as confirmation of our work and creativity as advocates of the Bauhaus teachings of the 1920s." Bauhaus quality that speaks for itself If you take a closer look at the product portfolio of the traditional medium-sized company, you will quickly see that the principles of the renowned academy of the "avant-garde of classical modernism" run like a golden thread through its success story, so to speak. Topics such as sustainability, a high degree of truth to material, regionality as well as the highest possible degree of reparability determine ritterwerk’s production – just like the promise that ritter products are exclusively "made in Germany". "This not only reliably secures our employees’ jobs in Germany, but also guarantees consistently outstanding product quality," says Schüller. The piatto 5 combines all of these premises and also meets the prevailing zeitgeist. Everyone who values traditional craftsmanship, leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible and the possibility of enjoying delicious, fresh foods without it being pre-cut or pre-packaged, will be delighted with this practical kitchen aid. The full metal appliance is driven by a crank, so its users don't need any electricity to get perfect, appetising slices of juicy juniper ham or hearty farm loaf, for example. The piatto 5 can be used anywhere - on the kitchen counter, on the dining room table, at a barbecue in the garden or at a rustic ski hut. The crank itself comes with a beech wood handle that fits perfectly in the hand and rounds off the overall elegant design of the food slicer. Furthermore, it has a sustainably produced, FSC-certified bamboo wood board. This can be slid into the guide rails provided under the appliance and thus functions as a collection tray, a serving plate or a cutting board. The four sturdy feet made of stainless steel are equipped with suction feet and thus provide an absolutely secure, non-slip stand. Another bonus is the flexible guide bracket, which ensures an altogether better output, especially of large, hard pieces of food during slicing - if the user would rather have thin, soft foods on the plate, the guide bracket can be folded upwards in no time at all. Excellent design from ritter With the iF DESIGN AWARD for the piatto 5, the fifth product from the selected design range by ritterwerk has now been awarded for its outstanding, innovative design. The manus 3 food slicer, which is also hand-operated, and the sono 5 electric food slicer were both awarded the Red Dot Design Award. The most recent iF DESIGN AWARD was won by the icaro 7 electric food slicer, which won over the jury with its foldable construction and its simple, functional design.

About the iF DESIGN AWARD Since 1954, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been a globally recognised trademark when it comes to excellent design. The iF Design brand is internationally established as a symbol for outstanding design achievements. The iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the most important design prizes in the world. It honours design achievements in all disciplines: product, packaging, communication and service design, architecture and interior design as well as professional concept, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). All award-winning entries are presented in the iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE and published in the iF design app.

About ritterwerk ritterwerk was founded in 1905 by Franz Ritter. Since then the medium-sized company develops and produces household appliances which facilitate the everyday work in the kitchen. The medium-sized company, headed by Michael Schüller, develops, designs and produces exclusively in Gröbenzell near Munich. The company‘s philosophy ‚made in Germany‘ not only stands for its production site in Germany. It also incorporates high quality standards, sustainability, appropriate materials as well as functional design, thus clearly following the ‘Bauhaus’ principles of the twenties.

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