107020 Ritter Manual Food or Bread Slicer Ritter Podio 3 Brotmaschine Bread machine Made in Germany

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Manual food slicer podio 3 - back to the crank

A key special feature of the podio 3 manual slicer is its self-supporting design, complete with the four feet made of high-quality steel. But its low weight also makes it an all-round practical device. Slipping during the cutting process is impossible thanks to the silicone feet, because they suck on the surface as soon as you press the podio 3 on a little.

The manual food slicer podio 3 has a high degree of material suitability , consists largely of robust metal and, thanks to its timeless design, fits practically in any home.

The podio 3Ritter is powered by a stable but smooth-running hand crank with a plastic handle. It therefore does not need any electricity at all. For a better output of large, hard material to be cut during the cutting process, the podio 3 has a cutting material guide bracket , the advantage of which is that the cutting material that has just been cut does not disturb or block the further "cranking process".

The cutting thickness can be infinitely adjusted up to approx. 20 mm and the material sledge made of rustproof stainless steel can be easily and easily removed


Short description

  • manually operated
  • food sliced from left to right
  • full metal construction
  • silver metallic
  • serrated circular blade, 17 cm Ø
  • slice thickness adjustable up to approx. 20 mm
  • detachable carriage made of stainless steel
  • carriage way approx. 20 cm
  • smooth crank made from metal with a plastic handle
  • stainless steel guide bracket for the food to be sliced
  • feet made of steel
  • four high-quality suction feet for a non-slip and solid footing

Technical details

- TÜV-Rheinland/GS
- dimensions: width 36.5 cm  height 25.0 cm  depth 33.5 cm
- weight: 3.3 kg 



The Red Dot Design Award stands for high design quality and is considered a seal of quality. In 2021, the podio3 hand-operated food slicer won out over products from around 60 other countries


Press Communiqué

Outstanding: podio 3 manual food slicer wins the Red Dot Award in the coveted category Product Design 2021 Gröbenzell/Munich, April 2021. The podio 3 manually operated full metal food slicer from ritter has been awarded the renowned Red Dot Design Award. In the process, he beat competitors from more than 60 countries and successfully proved itself to the international jury of 49 experts. Like every year, the respective product's quality, functionality and durability criteria were decisive to emerge as the winner. Awarded for the 66th time this year, the Red Dot has been regarded as a remarkable institution and award for top design quality since it was established – and in an international context too. It is no secret to aficionados that the traditional kitchen appliance manufacturer based in Gröbenzell near Munich has always been committed to the principles of the 1920s Bauhaus and incorporates this into the design of its products. The premises are: "At home in the kitchen" as well as "Form follows function" – and this year's Red Dot Award winner in the Best Product Design category is no different. The podio 3 is a food slicer equipped with a smooth-running crank, which excels with its suspended, exceptional design, its low net weight combined with totally secure footing and its choice of the right materials. In line with the trend towards sustainability and originality, this practical kitchen gadget is made of high-quality materials. This means that nothing stands in the way of a long product life and actively counteracts possible accusations of "planned obsolescence" and the throw-away strategy that is often practiced. The fact that the food slicer also does not require any electricity at all and requires minimal effort to operate the crank is another bonus. Can be used everywhere – whether it's at home during a summer barbecue in the garden or in an alpine hut – and wonderfully robust; this gem from ritterwerk definitely reflects the spirit of the times. "We are proud that one of our appliances was able to convince the renowned Red Dot jury and see the award as a reward for our work," comments Michael Schüller, Managing Director of ritterwerk GmbH. "Our decision to once again focus on the Bauhaus ideals and to remain true to our ritter philosophy was and is spot on." He is referring to the slogan "made in Germany", which means much more to the medium-sized company than the development and production at its location in Bavaria and the jobs it creates. ritterwerk sees this as a promise to its customers to act sustainably and to meet the highest social, economic and ecological standards – and has done so for over 115 years. Coveted quality seal for high design quality With the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021, podio 3 is the youngest member to date in the ranks of ritter products that have won awards for their outstanding design. In 2008, for example, the contura 3 semi-professionally designed food slicer won the same award, followed in 2013 by the extremely energy-efficient fontana 5 kettle, which was later also awarded the Blue Angel eco-label. Most recently, the elegant sono 5 suspended food slicer received the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category in 2015. The initiator of this famous award, Professor Dr Peter Zec, is also impressed by the results and the incredible response to this year's award ceremony. "Never before have so many companies and design studios sent in their products for evaluation as this year. We received potential winning products from over 60 different countries, whose design quality and degree of innovation were finally evaluated by us – those products that were able to hold their own in such a strong field of participants are now rightly winners of the Red Dot Award." This year, the official award ceremony will once again be celebrated as part of an entire week, the Red Dot Design Week. This is expected to take place in Essen from 21 to 25 June and will consist of a total of three events, which will be held in the Aalto Theatre and the Red Dot Design Museum Essen. 

About Ritterwerk:

Ritterwerk was founded in 1905 by Franz Ritter. Since then the medium-sized company develops and produces household appliances which facilitate the everyday work in the kitchen. The medium-sized company, headed by Michael Schüller, develops, designs and produces exclusively in Gröbenzell near Munich. The company‘s philosophy ‚made in Germany‘ not only stands for its production site in Germany. It also incorporates high quality standards, sustainability, appropriate materials as well as functional design, thus clearly following the ‘Bauhaus’ principles of the twenties.

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