Ritter Manual Food or Bread Slicer Podio Made in Germany

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Manual food slicer podio 3 - back to the crank

A key special feature of the podio 3 manual slicer is its self-supporting design, complete with the four feet made of high-quality steel. But its low weight also makes it an all-round practical device. Slipping during the cutting process is impossible thanks to the silicone feet, because they suck on the surface as soon as you press the podio 3 on a little.

The manual food slicer podio 3 has a high degree of material suitability , consists largely of robust metal and, thanks to its timeless design, fits practically in any home.

The podio 3Ritter is powered by a stable but smooth-running hand crank with a plastic handle. It therefore does not need any electricity at all. For a better output of large, hard material to be cut during the cutting process, the podio 3 has a cutting material guide bracket , the advantage of which is that the cutting material that has just been cut does not disturb or block the further "cranking process".

The cutting thickness can be infinitely adjusted up to approx. 20 mm and the material sledge made of rustproof stainless steel can be easily and easily removed

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