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Ruf Dark Gravy Stabilizer - German Specialty Imports llc

Ruf Dark Gravy Stabilizer

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Ruf Dark Gravy Stabilizer

It’s Sunday morning and the aroma of a delicious roast in the oven is filling the whole house. Your mouth is already watering as you imagine pouring delicious dark brown gravy over the meat.

But it doesn’t need to be Sunday to enjoy a delicious feast. A wonderful dark gravy also works wonderfully well with dishes such as roulades, stew, or dumplings and tenderloin. It isn’t so easy to whip up a delicious gravy. But you can pull it off with a little helping hand! Our organic sauce stabiliser thickens dark sauces quickly without lumps. The flavourless sauce stabiliser is also ideal for vegetable broths and soups. Simply sprinkle into the boiling fluid and you’re good to go