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Teekanne Organics You're my Berry Tea

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Enjoy a taste that makes your day more colorful

About the product

Make your life more colourful. Do you sometimes think your everyday life could be more colourful? Look in your wardrobe and choose the colourful things. Or try a colourful tea - like our delicious ORGANICS You're My Berry with a taste of raspberry and cranberry. Because colour fits in every season and makes you feel better.


  • Infusion
    100 °C

  • Brewing time
    5-8 MIN
Our preparation hint:

Take 1 tea bag for a cup and at least 3 tea bags for a pot. Pour fresh, boiling water over the tea bag and allow to steep for 5-8 minutes.

Product Information

Nutrition facts and Ingredients

100ml of tea* contain on average: :

energy value (kJ):


-of which saturated fatty acids:


-of which sugar:



*based on an infusion brewed with 200ml water


Apple*, Hibiscus*, Sweet blackberry leaves*, Rosehip*, Orange peel*, Natural aroma with cranberry flavour, Natural aroma with raspberry flavour, Cranberries*, Raspberries*


20 double chamber tea bags á 2,25g
Sales Name
Organic fruit infusion
Appropriate storage information
Store in a cool, dry place
Best before end
See package side

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