T 10040 Thiele Broken Silber / Silver Special Ostfriesen Tee / East Frisian Tea 500 g

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500 g loose original Ostfriesen Tee/ East Frisia Black Tea ( Assam blend)


 East Frisia's most popular tea and THE real East Frisian tea par excellence. 30-40 different individual teas from the best tea gardens in Assam, northern India, are regularly included in this work of art.

Carefully picked and processed during the best harvest time - the so-called "second flush" - the wonderful individual characters of nature are created. We combine these in a balanced and harmonious way to create a sensual experience.

This mixture is very expressive thanks to its fine aroma, built on a powerful, malty foundation with a spicy, bitter aftertaste.

With 600 one-pound copper-brown, bright cups (500g), this consummate personality is extraordinarily productive and a warming delight for the body and senses.

When it comes to tea drinking, there’s one region in Germany in particular – East Frisia – where it has become a ceremonious act. The East Friesians are the biggest tea drinkers in the world, even more than the British. In 2016, the East Frisian Tea Ceremony is granted UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Cultural Heritage status. 

Preparation of THIELE East Frisian tea

To prepare THIELE TEA - real East Frisian tea, add 8 to 10g of tea to one liter of water (approx. 3 heaped teaspoons).

The loose tea leaves are poured with fresh, boiling water in a well-preheated pot so that they are covered. Now let the tea steep for three to five minutes - ideally in a kettle or warmer.

The fragrant tea infusion is then topped up with the remaining water. It is recommended to pour the finished tea through a tea strainer into a preheated serving pot and keep it warm on a warmer.

Now the enjoyment comes into the cup, the way East Frisians love it. First, a “Kluntje”, a white rock candy, is added to the cup. When the hot tea is poured over it, the Kluntje crackles, creates anticipation and gives the tea a subtle sweetness as it melts.

A few drops of fresh, high-proof cream, which is not stirred in the East Frisian style, conjures up the famous “Wulkje”, the little cloud, and completes the enjoyment of tea. You place the cream in the tea counterclockwise to symbolically stop time.

East Frisian connoisseurs divide the “untouched” enjoyment experience into three phases: After the first sip of tea with cream, the pure tea taste follows in the second, which finally brings the three-tiered enjoyment to perfection with the sweet ending.

It offers the courtesy of enjoying at least three cups, which is why it is not said for nothing:
Three is Osfreesenrecht.

The small teaspoon is only used when placed in the cup after drinking enough tea to signal to the host that you do not want to receive any more tea.

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