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296047 Wicklein Milk Chocolate Cherry Gingerbread Bag

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Product Description

This delicious milk chocolate covered German Christmas includes cherry filling! With the right amount of ginger snap spice and texture that makes them the ideal snacks for kids, adults year-round or for the holiday season.

There are 12 cookies per bag

Net Weight: 175 g. / 6.17 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

Wicklein produces high-quality Nuremberg-style gingerbread with a unique regard for the craft and baking process.

Product Description

Cherry fruit-filled gingerbread cookies by Wicklein are German cookies covered with delicate milk chocolate and filled with luscious cherry cream.

Also known as German gingerbread cookies, Lebkuchen is a honey-sweetened molded cake. This delight originated from the city of Nuremberg, where it’s still extensively produced according to the recipes from medieval times. Lebkuchen is considered a Christmas treat, and its flavor profile makes it clear why. It’s traditionally made with candied citrus peel, honey, and aromatic spices - so, Lebkuchen is the perfect combination of all the signature Christmas aromas that fill up our homes during the holidays. You can explore more flavors  in our carefully selected assortment!

Founded in 1692, Wicklein has been known as the leading brand producing unique gingerbread from Nuremberg - a region universally known for its signature Lebkuchen. Wicklein delivers the highest quality delights made according to original recipes from the 16th century with a unique regard for the production process! You can get your hands on every flavor of Nuremberg gingerbread by Wicklein in our 
The chocolate gingerbread cookies by Wicklein will be the perfect addition to your snacks drawer. Bursting with luscious flavors, these German cookies will be paired best with  or robust coffee blends, such as Espresso!

  • Ingredients: Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa liquor, sunflower lecithin), wheat flour, sour cherry fruit preparation (sour cherry puree, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, lemon juice concentrate, pectin, natural flavor), caramelized sugar syrup, sugar, wheat gluten, spices, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, butter (milk), potassium carbonate, lactic acid. May contain traces of tree nuts, egg and soybeans.
  • Product Weight: 6.2 oz (175 g)
  • Product of Germany


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